Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter and a trip home.

The kids and I took a trip home last week while Joe stayed home and went to work. My mom and Jim have a beautiful piece of property they call home, situated deep in the Southern Illinois countryside. It's a kids dream, especially little boys. We had the absolute best time playing outside with the cats, dogs and horses. The kids did an easter egg hunt and played with bubbles, chasing each other all over the farm. Little Parker was covered in dirt within the first five minutes. He is a natural animal lover like his Grandpa Dave. I wonder what my dad would have thought of him. I think they'd have been best buds.

Anyway, this was a great visit and my kids couldn't have had a better time. I got to see my family, my Grandma, Grandpa, Rhonda, Kingston, Sara, Mel and of course Mom and Jim. I love them all, dearly and am so thankful for all of them.

Monday, April 2, 2012


We got the kids a sandbox on Saturday. Neither of them has ever played in sand. Parker dumped it on his head. He ate some. No really, he swallowed a big mouthful! He won't get in, he doesn't like his feet in the sand, but he loves playing with it. They played for two solid hours today.

Note the sand goatee :)