Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the big tub.

So as a lot of stay at home moms know, the days are long and you have to find stuff to fill the time. We took an early morning trip to the park and then home for lunch, Parkers nap and then.....well.....uhhh....I had to come up with something, quick! They were screaming, climbing the furniture, climbing ME, fighting over ponies and just getting downright unruly. So I stuck them in my big tub and they had a grand old time. Until, that is, I got Parker out (because there's only so many bubbles a baby can eat) and went back for Kalli and noticed the water was a bright shade of purple. Hmm...that's peculiar. No purple soap. No purple toys. Ohhhh, bubbles. An entire brand new bottle of Tinkerbell bubbles was now sudsing up in the tub with my very delighted three year old. Frothing and foaming and growing right before my eyes. Sigh. Oh well, they're clean and we killed some time :D

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