Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sadness in fall.

I haven't updated the blog in a long time and I promised myself I'd change that. So, here goes.

I'm so happy fall is here.  It's amazing. Tennessee is one of the most beautiful places you could be this time of year. But, there's a sadness in our house at the moment. My loving mother-in-law, Libby, lost her battle with heart disease a little over two weeks ago at the age of 59. She was in the ICU awaiting a life saving operation which she sadly didn't live long enough to receive. She was truly one of the nicest people you would ever meet.  The kids called her Mamaw and when she would visit you could find her on the floor - playing Barbies or trucks, reading books, coloring, singing them songs.  She was tender and sweet and the kind of Grandma that a kid could just snuggle up to and enjoy. Her lap was always a safe and warm place to land.  It's left a void in our lives and we are especially sad for Papaw Jerry, who married his high school sweetheart almost forty years ago.

I don't have many recent pictures because on their last visit I didn't get out my camera. I'm mad at myself about that. I cannot express the importance of taking pictures. Sometimes they are all that you're left with (visually, anyway).

But, I do have a few to share. This was one of the best little trips we've ever taken - we went to the Smoky Mountains in stayed in a beautiful cabin. Here's Mamaw, loving her babies as she called them.

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