Tuesday, November 20, 2012

30 days of thanks. days 12-10

Hmm, well, committing to something for 30 days doesn't seem to be working out for me! I'm a bit behind.

All I have to say is that today I went to Kalli's school for a Thanksgiving lunch and I cannot tell you how full my heart was when I left. She was so happy to see me, chatting to me in her excited little voice, telling me about her classmates and teacher. The teacher told me that she was very smart, a great helper, goes above and beyond to help anyone in the class, she's very playful and happy and is very disciplined and organized and overall just a great kid. I was so proud in that moment that I wanted to cry! I know all of these things about Kalli, but as a parent you wonder how your little people act when you aren't around. You worry if you're a good influence, teaching them the right things, molding them into good people.  I know that all mothers say great things about their kids, but honestly, she is the brightest ray of sunshine. She is always happy and bubbly.  She's a passionate little thing and I absolutely love that about her. She's always twirling about, singing songs. The kid literally bops around with joy.  She appreciates every little thing I buy her and give her. If I pick her up a pair of cute socks while I'm out she will thank me and tell me they're the best socks she's ever had.

So, I'm thankful for my daughter. I'm so thankful that she is healthy, and bright and smart and happy and kind to others.  What a beautiful gift for a mother.  I love my little girl. This picture is so her. Full of brightness and joy.

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