Tuesday, January 4, 2011

love him.

When I was pregnant with Parker I wondered if I could love him as much as I loved Kalli. Seems so silly now. I can't imagine not seeing his gummy little grin every morning or watching him grow (like a weed).

I can honestly say that I can enjoy him more than I did Kalli. The first time around you're so anxious, worried, uptight. This time I am much more relaxed and I consciously decided when he was born to soak up every minute because I'm pretty sure he's my last. It flies by and I know that soon he'll be wanting to explore the world - crawling, first steps, walking, running! It will be hard to catch him and pull him up into my lap.

Mostly I'm so thankful we decided to have another baby because of the bond that is growing between my two little munchkins. I just love how they love each other. Parker is completely fascinated by her - he strains his little neck following her every move. She, in turn, dotes on him, reads to him, shares things with him. It fills me with mother pride and makes my heart swell. What can I say....I'm in love with both of them.

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