Thursday, January 6, 2011

playing house.

Tonight I played dollhouse with Kalli. It was so sweet to watch her dig through all the accessories - each one excited her. "The bed!! I'll put the mommy in the bed." ....and then "Look, mommy! The babies! The mommy will hold them". I wish I could wrap her little munchkin voice up and put it somewhere so later when she's older I can go back and listen to it. I just think it's the cutest thing.

Maybe I was wearing mom goggles tonight, but I was so impressed by how she arranged the items in her dollhouse. Everything I put in there she was like "no, no, it goes here, mommy" and she'd move it. It was so...correct. For all I know this is normal for a two year old, but I felt really proud that she knew how to set it up.

Tonight when I wrote the post to my dad on his b'day it made me cry a little. She was so concerned for me. She told Joe "My mommy, she's cryin'" and she came and hugged me. She was a bit confused but she still tried to comfort me. It made my heart swell and I had to choke back even more tears! Oh, my little girl, how I love you so.

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