Thursday, December 30, 2010

bits and pieces.

Well, we managed to make it through Christmas without any oversized toys (oh, well, except the dollhouse :) that would take up valuable real estate in our small house. But, we did come away with a bazillion little parts, and I think that might be worse! They're everywhere! It's like invasion of the little pieces! Ahhhh!!!

Kalli's Aunt Marie sent her a puzzle, but it was a little too advanced for a two year old (this kid can work a toddler puzzle like no other). Here are a few pics of her and daddy trying it out. As soon as he would get some of it put together she'd tear it apart! Haha. So, we're putting this one up for now. It will be fun sometime in the future.

Also, today, our good friends Cat and Mike drove down from Saint Charles, MO, to watch our munchkins while we went out on a date. We just ended up going to Tequilas here in town, but it was a nice break. The best part was when we got home and Kalli was squealing and laughing and riding Mikes back. She LOVES them! So, there's a little pic of her sitting with them - she wedged herself in there. If you counted the baby we had 5 people on our couch!

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