Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas.

Today was a little bittersweet for us. Joe's mom, Libby (or Mamaw), is in the hospital in Florida with some health issues. It was very scary for a short time, but we think they've got it sorted out. Kalli kept asking throughout the day "Mamaw okay now?" - totally unprompted and very sweet. Bless her little caring heart :)

The day started with Kalli getting a dollhouse, which she loved so much that she didn't want to open her other presents. She kept handing them to me and saying "you open it, Mommy"....ha!

My mom and Jim prepared a delicious and beautiful meal - it was probably the best Christmas dinner I've ever eaten. The table settings looked magical, Christmas music performed and recorded by my Grandma Betty played in the background.

Kalli got a butterfly game she's been wanting for a long time - so we had a little fun with that. Overall it was a good Christmas, even if all of our loved ones couldn't be with us.

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