Thursday, February 10, 2011


Haha. I like this word. Fugly. It's so fitting for stuff that is beyond just regular ugly. We saw some plain ol' fugly houses today on our first day of hunting in Evansville and Newburgh. The sad thing is, they looked pretty good online. We noticed there needed to be some updating - a little paint, some new floors maybe. New fixtures. Try slathered in wallpaper, floor to ceiling brown paneling, brass EVERYTHING, original vanities in the baths from the 70's and kitchens that haven't been updated since women were wearing beehives. It was like a genuine time warp! lol!

And I have to say, that realtors must take a class on taking pictures of rooms to make them look like, a bazillion times bigger than they really are. I swear someone at remax has a fisheye lens and they're using the heck outta that thing! Because how do you make a 10x11 room look like a 25x25 room? It's magic. Only, it's not magical at all. It sucks. You think if you get someone in there to look at it they'll excuse the poor floor plan or tiny rooms?

*le sigh*

On a bright note, our realtor is awesome. I loved her. Maybe it was because Parker had a major poop explosion - it was literally down both legs on his FEET - and she helped me. Yes, in a vacant house, I had my four month old poop covered son sprawled out on the floor while she held his feet and I tried to clean him up. My husband was running around crazy looking for plastic bags and more wipes. He bolted like lightning :)

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