Monday, February 28, 2011

where does the time go?

Been feeling really sentimental the past few days. Parker is definitely my last baby. When I was pregnant with him I kept thinking that maybe I'd like to have three kids. After he came, I realized how hard it was to have more than one and decided that two was enough. Plus, you have to have a bigger house, bigger car....bigger bank account. I think we can provide a nice life for our two kids. They love each other so much already - they'll have a companion to grow up with.

But I can't believe how fast they both are growing! Kalli seems like a little adult some days, the things she says never cease to amaze me. I wonder where she gets it all! And Parker!! I remember he could barely hold up his head and was wobbly for the longest time. Now, he's about to flip his jumperoo over and he's trying to crawl already. He can't even sit up!

Anyway, I find myself trying to savor all the moments with Parker - the baby phase really only lasts a year. Then it's over and you have a free thinking, talking, walking little person on your hands! I'm going to enjoy every minute.

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